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Conductor’s Tools 1: the Baton

For many concert-goers it is a mystery: What does the conductor need a baton for? Indeed, the baton is an extremely useful tool for us conductors. In the following I will explain why.

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Upgrade Your Melody Vol. II – Time Signature

Maybe you know this: When you wake up, a sequence of tones buzzes around in your head. What do you do with it now? One possibility: create different pieces of music with one and the same tone sequence – by using different time signatures.

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Song Accompaniment: Become the Star of the Family Celebration

Family celebrations are an exciting thing. If there are small children in your family, you know that singing the theme tunes of current children’s series is always highly appreciated. Wouldn’t it be practical if you could spontaneously sit down at the piano to accompany a song? Together with Adrian, the Music Theory MentOWL, I’ll show you how to do it.

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Upgrade Your Melody – Syncopation

Imagine you’re Beethoven. You must captivate your audience with your melodies. How do you do that? Fortunately, you have a toolbox full of compositional tricks at your disposal. One of them is syncopation.

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