Bellini’s Operas (List)

He is still one of the most important opera composers today, although he only lived to the age of 33: Vincenzo Bellini. His most famous operas are probably Norma and I Puritani. In this list you will find all the operas by Vincenzo Bellini, including the year and place of the premiere.

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A Day in the Life of Benjamin Britten_featured_ENG

A Day in the Life of Benjamin Britten

Many composers’ recipe for success was their daily routine. The British composer Benjamin Britten (1913–1976) loved to follow a precisely planned daily routine. Find out what a typical day in Benjamin Britten’s life looked like in this article.

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Wagners Operas List_featured_ENG

Richard Wagner’s Operas (List)

Wagner was known as a slow worker. That is why it is interesting to take a look at the following table of all Wagner operas and the periods in which they were written: Wagner worked on the “Götterdämmerung” (with numerous interruptions) for 26 years!

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Verdi Operas List_featured_ENG

Verdi’s Operas (List)

Giuseppe Verdi is still one of the most performed and most popular opera composers today. Verdi often revised his operas several times, which can be confusing. Therefore, in this list you will find all operas by Giuseppe Verdi with the year of the premiere. If there were adaptations of a work, you will also find the year of the premiere of the adapted version.

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Mozart’s Allies in Prague: the Bondini Couple

Sometimes, as an artist, you simply have to know the right people – it was no different in Mozart’s day. Many of Mozart’s Viennese patrons are still famous today, for example Gottfried van Swieten, a Habsburg diplomat. In Prague, however, Mozart was actively supported by a couple who are hardly ever spoken of today: the Bondinis.

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Dynamics Music_featured

Dynamics (Music) Explained (+ Cheat Sheet!)

What does dynamics mean in music? Dynamics describes the volume in music. It indicates how loud or soft a passage in a piece of music should be played. In the following, I explain dynamics in music as well as the most important dynamic indications. You will read a definition of dynamics in music, hear audio examples and get a PDF Cheat Sheet.

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Articulation Music_featured

Articulation (Music) Explained (+ Cheat Sheet!)

What does articulation mean in music? Articulation describes two things: first, how a tone is formed, second, how several tones are joined together. Below is a more detailed explanation of articulation in music, an overview of the main types of articulation with matching audio examples (and a cheat sheet!), and answers to the most important questions about articulation in music.

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