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The StarkConductor blog has been around since August 2020, and since then a number of articles have come together. To make browsing as convenient as possible, this page is divided into three sections: At the top you can use the search function to find articles. After that, you will always find the 3 most recent articles. Finally, you will find all articles sorted by category.

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The 3 most recent articles

Here you will always find the 3 most recently published articles.


Understanding Tempo (Music) Step by Step

Tempo is a significant factor in music. It is more influential in shaping the effect of a piece of music than almost any other aspect. In this article, you will learn everything about tempo in music, step by step. By the end, you will be able to understand any tempo indication.

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The Mini-Experiences are anecdotes from classical music in story format. Four of them are published per year.


These articles are about everything to do with Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and many other composers.

Mozart's 22 Operas_featured

Mozart’s 22 Operas (List)

Mozart created 22 stage works in his lifetime. Among them are world-famous ‘evergreens’ such as The Magic Flute and Don Giovanni. But many Mozart operas are also completely unknown, or have you ever heard of the ‘Goose of Cairo’? All 22 Mozart operas can be found in the following list.

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Haydn the folklorist_featured image

Haydn, the Folklorist

Have you ever asked yourself where great composers got their ideas from? No doubt: a thorough education, a solid mastery of the craft of composition and an untiring will to work have always been decisive. But sometimes great composers have simply copied.

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Mozart on Tempo_featured image

Mozart on Tempo

“The most necessary and the hardest and most important thing in music is the tempo.” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote this in 1777 in a letter to his father. Is it still true today?

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Orchestras and concert halls

This is where classical music resounds! Interesting facts about orchestras and concert halls from all over the world.

Opera and opera houses

Would you like a little more singing? Then this is the right category for you.

Deutschlands Kulturbaustellen

Germany’s Cultural Construction Sites

In today’s blog post I present three cultural construction sites in Germany. These are “construction sites” in the truest sense of the word – the opera houses in Bayreuth and Stuttgart are being renovated, and a new concert hall is being built in Munich.

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Three Facts About Opera_featured image

Three Facts About Opera

I keep saying that opera is an incredibly versatile art form. Accordingly, there is a lot to tell about the world of opera. Today, I present three facts that you might not immediately think of when you hear the word “opera”.

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Music theory light

Musical background knowledge, presented in an understandable way.

Music world

News from the classical music industry, interviews with colleagues and more of everything that is happening in the exciting world of classical music.


Insights into the mysterious craft/art of conducting.