Verdi’s Operas (List)

Giuseppe Verdi is still one of the most performed and most popular opera composers today. Verdi often revised his operas several times, which can be confusing. Therefore, in this list you will find all operas by Giuseppe Verdi with the year of the premiere. If there were adaptations of a work, you will also find the year of the premiere of the adapted version.

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Bayreuth Festival 2021: all operas, all stars

The Bayreuth Festival 2021 starts on July 25, 2021 and delights all opera fans with the works of German composer Richard Wagner (1813-1883) until August 25. So here on the StarkConductor blog I'm giving an overview of the Bayreuth Festival 2021. In the course of this you can read here which pieces will be performed this year and who is in the cast.

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Singspiel – what is that?

Singspiele were extremely popular in the opera houses of the 18th century. But what is a Singspiel anyway? Find out in this blog post. You can also read why the middle class of the 18th century preferred to go to the Singspiel instead of the court opera, how Joseph II set up what was perhaps the first cultural funding pot of all time, and which Singspiele you absolutely have to know.

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