George Frideric Handel

Trumpet Concerto D major

Explained using the 5-4-3-2-1 Method

Duration: 7–8 Minutes
Genre: Solo Concerto/Suite
Time of Creation: Between 1715 and 1717
World Premiere: Probably July 17, 1717

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Handel's Trumpet Concerto in D major in 5 Sentences

The Trumpet Concerto in D major by George Frideric Handel is actually more of a suite than a solo concerto: the work is composed of individual movements from Handel’s famous Water Music. This also results in the number of five movements, which seems “strange” for a solo concerto. In addition to an overture, a march and an air (the same genre as the famous piece by Johann Sebastian Bach), there are two dance movements: A Gigue and a Bourrée complete the work.

Note: This work belongs to the Classical Music Top 100.

4 Highlights from Handel's Trumpet Concerto in D Major

Highlight 1: Overture

The full brilliance of the trumpet unfolds right from the first bars of Handel’s Trumpet Concerto in D major:

Highlight 2: Gigue

This is followed by the Gigue, a lively dance. While the orchestral accompaniment provides the rhythmic movement, the trumpet floats above it:

Highlight 3: Air

At the center of the work is the Air, a song-like piece in which longer melodic lines are prominent. It should be noted, however, that formally this is also a dance, namely a minuet:

Highlight 4: March

Handel concludes his Trumpet Concerto with a royal march:

3 Questions and Answers about Handel's Trumpet Concerto in D major

Question 1: Where was Handel's Trumpet Concerto in D major written?

Handel’s Trumpet Concerto in D Major is a suite from Handel’s Water Music, which Handel composed in London.

Question 2: Who are well-known performers of Handel's Trumpet Concerto?

Well-known performers include, for example, Manuel María Moreno and Maurice André (see also below for recommended recordings).

Question 3: What is the importance of the trumpet in Handel's work?

In Handel’s time, certain instruments were still linked to social norms: timpani and trumpets were played, for example, when the king was expected. This is also the case with Handel’s Water Music, which was written for a royal pleasure cruise on the Thames.

2 Recommended Recordings of Handel's Trumpet Concerto in D major

Recording 1: Manuel María Moreno, Orchestre de Chambre Paris, Horst Sohm (live, 2012)

Listen to this crystal clear interpretation by Manuel María Moreno, accompanied by the Orchestre de Chambre Paris:

Recording 2: Maurice André, Jean-Francois Paillard Chamber Orchestra, Jean-Francois Paillard

An alternative is this recording by top trumpeter Maurice André:

1 Quote about Handel's Trumpet Concerto in D Major

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