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12 ways to say “louder” in music

Louder – but how? In music, there are many ways to do this: increasing, compressing, unfolding, wakening. Discover here 12 different ways to say “louder” in music – in four languages.

più fortelouderlauterplus fort
accrescendoaugmentingvermehrend/zunehmenden accroissant
alzandorisingerhebenden élevant
ampliandoamplifyingerweiternden agrandissant
aumentandoincreasingsteigernd/vermehrend/zunehmenden augmentant
calcando/premendocompressingbetonend/drängenden comprimant
crescendogrowing louederanwachsend/anschwellenden croissant
rafforzando/rinforzandostrengtheningverstärkenden renforçant
resvegliando/risvegliatore-awakeningwieder erweckenden réveillant/réveillé
spiegandounfoldingentfaltenden déployant
svegliandowakeningerweckenden réveillant
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Jonathan Stark – Conductor

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