Dynamics (Music) Explained (+ Cheat Sheet!)

What does dynamics mean in music? Dynamics describes the volume in music. It indicates how loud or soft a passage in a piece of music should be played. In the following, I explain dynamics in music as well as the most important dynamic indications. You will read a definition of dynamics in music, hear audio examples and get a PDF Cheat Sheet.

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Articulation (Music) Explained (+ Cheat Sheet!)

What does articulation mean in music? Articulation describes two things: first, how a tone is formed, second, how several tones are joined together. Below is a more detailed explanation of articulation in music, an overview of the main types of articulation with matching audio examples (and a cheat sheet!), and answers to the most important questions about articulation in music.

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Dynamics and Articulation: The 39 Most Important Terms in Music

In music, there are many ways to indicate dynamics and articulation. Over time, however, some terms have become established and are used over and over again. Discover here 39 different dynamic and articulation terms in the four musical languages: Italian, English, German and French.

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