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Humperdinck’s Operas (List)

Engelbert Humperdinck became famous almost “overnight” in 1893 with his opera Hansel and Gretel. The premiere of the fairy-tale opera, which is still widely performed today, was conducted by the 29-year-old Richard Strauss (who himself wrote 15 operas in total). Within a very short time, Hansel and Gretel was staged at all the world’s major opera houses.

Humperdinck’s later operas lagged behind this great success. Humperdinck, a great admirer of Wagner, wrote many more stage works, especially – as with Hansel and Gretel – fairy-tale operas.

In this list you will find all of Engelbert Humperdinck’s operas, including year and place of premiere.

Claudine von Villa Bella
Hänsel und Gretel1893, Weimar
Die sieben Geislein1895, Berlin
Königskinder1897, Munich (as melodrama); 1910, New York (as fairy tale opera)
Dornröschen1902, Frankfurt am Main
Die Heirat wider Willen1905, Berlin
Bübchens Weihnachtstraum1906, Berlin
Die Marketenderin1914, Cologne
Gaudeamus1919, Darmstadt
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