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Bellini’s Operas (List)

He is still one of the most important opera composers today, although he only lived to the age of 33: Vincenzo Bellini. His most famous operas are probably Norma and I Puritani.

But by no means all Bellini operas were successful. Some were even an outright “flop”, for example the opera Beatrice di Tenda, which was written between the successful operas Norma and I Puritani, but failed at its premiere in 1833 at the Teatro la Fenice.

In this list you will find all the operas by Vincenzo Bellini, including the year and place of the premiere.

TitleYear of PremierePlace of Premiere
Adelson e Salvini1825Naples
Bianca e Fernando1826Naples
Il pirata1827Milan
La straniera1829Milan
I Capuleti e i Montecchi1830Venice
Ernani (unfinished)
La sonnambula1831Milan
Beatrice di Tenda1833Venice
I puritani1835Paris
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Jonathan Stark – Conductor

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