You are currently viewing Puccini’s 12 Operas (List + 1-Sentence Summaries)

Puccini’s 12 Operas (List + 1-Sentence Summaries)

Drama, variety, pure life – these are the operas of Giacomo Puccini. The Italian composer created a total of 12 stage works in his lifetime. That is comparatively few: Mozart wrote 22, even Wagner, known as a slow worker, wrote 15 (some of monumental length).

BUT: Puccini’s “hit rate” is enormous. Of his 12 operas, at least 5 are absolute world hits (Manon Lescaut, La Bohème, Tosca, Madama Butterfly, Turandot). Tosca is one of the most performed operas year after year.

All 12 Puccini operas are listed below. Further below you will find brief summaries of the plots in one sentence each.

TitlePeriod of CreationWorld Premiere (Date and Place)Beginner friendliness 0-100 (more on this below)
Le Villi188431 May 1884 in Milan40
Edgar188921 April 1889 in Milan50
Manon Lescaut18931 February 1893 in Turin70
La Bohème18961 February 1896 in Turin90
Tosca190014 January 1900 in Rome80
Madama Butterfly190417 February 1904 in Milan85
La Fanciulla del West191010 December 1910 in New York75
La Rondine191727 March 1917 in Monte Carlo65
Il Tabarro (Part 1 of Il Trittico)191814 December 1918 in New York60
Suor Angelica (Part 2 of Il Trittico)191814 December 1918 in New York55
Gianni Schicchi (Part 3 of Il Trittico)191814 December 1918 in New York95
Turandot (unfinished)192625 April 1926 in Milan100

Puccini's Operas in 1 Sentence Each

Get to know all of Puccini’s operas at a fast pace – with plot summaries in 1 sentence each!

Additionally, for each opera I indicate how beginner-friendly I think it is. Of course this is subjective, but maybe it will give you some orientation: 0 stands for not at all beginner-friendly, 100 for very beginner-friendly.

Le Villi

A jilted lover dies from a curse placed on him by the spirits of his former lovers.
Beginner friendliness: 40/100. Straightforward plot, but little known.


A knight must choose between a pious peasant woman and a seductive countess who drives him to war.
Beginner friendliness: 50/100. Dramatic music, but the plot is complex.

Manon Lescaut

A beautiful young woman is kidnapped by a rich man and sent into exile, where she dies in the arms of her lover.
Beginner friendliness: 70/100. Passionate love story with a tragic ending.

La Bohème

Four poor artists experience love and suffering in 19th century Paris, where a seamstress suffering from tuberculosis sacrifices her life to save her lover.
Beginner friendliness: 90/100. Much-played, very popular work, although (or precisely because?!) it is soooooo sad.


An unscrupulous police chief takes advantage of the jealousy of a famous opera singer, who throws herself to death out of desperation.
Beginner friendliness: 80/100. Suspenseful – an opera that perhaps should be given the label “adults only” 😉

Madama Butterfly

A Japanese geisha waits in vain for the return of her American husband, who has left her with a child.
Beginner friendliness: 85/100. Heartbreaking clash of cultures.

La Fanciulla del West

A plucky saloon owner falls in love with a wanted outlaw whom she saves from the gallows.
Beginner friendliness: 75/100. Unusually adventurous theme.

La Rondine

A rich courtesan gives up her love for a naive student to protect him from social ridicule.
Beginner friendliness: 65/100. Charming, breezy, light – though rather unoriginal.

Il Tabarro (Il Trittico 1)

A jealous barge owner murders his unhappy wife’s lover aboard his ship.
Beginner friendliness: 60/100. Short and gritty – AND brutal 😊

Suor Angelica (Il Trittico 2)

A nun learns of the death of her illegitimate child after seven years in the convent and takes her own life to see her again in heaven.
Beginner friendliness: 55/100. Religious subject, incredibly touching, but also a bit depressing.

Gianni Schicchi (Il Trittico 3)

A greedy family tries to scam the inheritance of a rich relative by hiring a clever con man to impersonate the deceased.
Beginner friendliness: 95/100. Fun, entertaining and satirical opera.


A cruel princess poses deadly riddles to her suitors until a brave prince captures her heart.
Beginner friendliness: 100/100. Spectacular and fabulous work, with the only flaw that it remained unfinished.

Jonathan Stark – Conductor
Jonathan Stark – Conductor

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