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StarkConductor Blog Birthday: The 5 Most Popular Blogposts

The StarkConductor Blog turns 1 year old today! Reason enough to show the 5 most popular blogposts once again.

1) Germany’s Cultural Construction Sites

The most popular blog post is about three cultural construction sites in Germany. I describe the renovation of the opera houses in Bayreuth and Stuttgart and the new construction of the concert hall in Munich.

2) Singspiel – What Is That?

A popular read is the explanation of what a Singspiel actually is. In this blog post, I go into the development and significance of this genre, which was very popular in the opera houses of the 18th century.

3) Bayreuth Festival 2021: All Operas, All Stars

In my article about the Bayreuth Festival 2021, I show at a glance which operas will be performed on the green hill in 2021. Here you can also read who is singing, playing and conducting in the operas.

4) Papageno, Who Are You?

Papageno – you just have to love him. The bird catcher is the secret star of Mozart’s Magic Flute. That’s why he had to get his own article here on the StarkConductor Blog. I go into more detail about Papageno’s character, show what role he plays in the plot, and explore the traces that Papageno still leaves behind in Vienna today.

5) Teatro La Fenice – A Drama in Three Fires

The dramatic history of the Teatro La Fenice is also a popular read. No wonder – this opera house is one of the most important in the world, despite having burned down three times! The exciting history of the Teatro La Fenice is also marked by strife between two families and even includes the premiere of a Rossini opera that was an absolute flop.

So that was the first year on the StarkConductor blog. Thanks to all the regular readers, fans and classical music enthusiasts! The great feedback I keep getting encourages me to keep writing and to keep trying new formats.

Jonathan Stark – Conductor
Jonathan Stark – Conductor

Hello! I'm Jonathan Stark. As a conductor, it is important to me that visits to concerts and operas leave a lasting impression on the audience. Background knowledge helps to achieve this. That's why I blog here about key works of classical music, about composers, about opera and much more that happens in the exciting world of music.

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